(Song)writing & composing (The Night Receptionist)

To follow up on my previous post about lyrics: how does one write them? compose a song?
Focusing here on the lyrical aspect as opposed to the instrumental section, well there really is only one answer: each to his own. I don’t think there really is a secret to it, maybe some tips and such, but as long as you work on it yourself and write what you want, it’s allll good.

I usually write with music, with my guitar, playing the chords or riff or whatever piece of music I’ve come up with before finding a melody/words/gibberish to sing along to it with (guess the music helps with the melody, makes it smoother and easier, though I find breaking the vocal melody away from the musical melody often yields the most original results and is also the hardest thing to make work together -.- ).
However, sometimes, I’m playing 4 simple sets of chords (cause sometimes, nice and easy is just so relaxing and pleasing), and you think “why the fuck don’t I have a pre-written bunch of lyrics”. That’s another way to write, kind of like writing a poem, with no accompaniment. It also allows you to focus more on the lyrics, the downside being that when you apply said song/lyrics onto a certain piece of music, you might have to modify/shorten/lengthen lines to suit the song.

The following song came both from wanting to have more pre-written lyrics at my disposition and also came from Guy Harvey (Elbow) inspiration (with a nod to the idea of their song title “Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver”):

Always on time to join the fun,
But can only watch as they wander on,
It’s night time and it’s high time to start winding up my mind,
As I roam the lonely little halls,
All through the night,

The night receptionist job is quite a soulless one,
Nothing but a lie, and an evident one,
The janitor’s cousin, I clean & clean & clean,
Take care of the drunk,
& make sure I’m always seen,

Every task at hand is but another chance,
To let your thoughts ferment,
And watch them spread & spread,
Taking all in their way,
On their way to making you feel dazed,

Like the bedtime resolutions that fade upon awaking,
The mind leaps and soars from subtle places stored,
Thoughts you’d thought would never see the light,
Now they’re knocking at your door.

Up comes the sun to wash away,
All the tired crumbs upon your wake,
So you head back home a heavy head,
Struggling with your feet,
On waking you won’t realise,
All that’s left is to repeat.


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