Life in a Van (Part 1)

As for what life on the road is really like, well that’s a different story altogether. First of all, I can’t yet give a proper and full analysis or description seeing as all we’ve done is linger about in Australia. So I suppose I’ll give you a premature idea of “life in a van” – he says whilst rapidly typing in the back of the van about to be dropped off to be shipped off to Dili.

The previous is exactly the reason why I can’t yet give an accurate description: we’re still connected and in touch with the modern world, with society, whereas our obvious (and stereotypical) idea of “life on the road” is being lost in the middle of nowhere in a sparsely populated and exotic country, amiright?
I’ll give you a part two in a month or two…
As for now, for us, life in a van is constant bickering. I mean, what can I say, that’s what brothers do really. The only person able to piss you off like no one else in the world is that sibling who just gets under your skin and crawls there ever-lastingly. Of course, a lot of this is but good humour but it can often lead to the brief and sudden flaring of anger. The little brother must often obey the big one who also happens to be the ‘leader’ of the trip we find ourselves on.

Now let’s not pretend there isn’t general disagreement between all of us four. Shopping, driving, packing, cleaning, cooking (especially the first two) all the way to teensy little things of absolutely pointless importance that we’ll obviously also argue about. Arguing is a must…but it often ends in a joke, a smile, and a hug (with Gino).

Life in a van is four of us sleeping in said van, two up top, two down below, space is sparse. We got a routine going to keep it organised and fine. Life in a van is waking up with the sun at 7 everyday (more or less) or later (if no alarm was set) in a pool of sweat. It’s having our customary vegemite breakfast and then maybe having a shower, maybe not. Shall I shower when I know I’m going to spend the afternoon sweating? But then again, when am I bold not sweating? Then again, when do I have access to a shower? (quite often in Darwin…). Life in a van is bunkering up in our van and closing all escape routes with mozzy nets; lathering ourselves with mozzy cream, and endless, endless scratch scratch scratching (until they pop and bleed in someone’s case…). And life on the road is constant dirt underneath your nails. Seriously, so annoying.

I know what you’re thinking, “man that sounds awesome, it’s what I always wanted to do”. Nah seriously, there’s also the awesome flip side to it. I’ll get back to you on that.


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