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Tha Future

From time to time, we entertain such thoughts as to what we shall be doing upon the end of this voyage. And at certain times, we share these thoughts and offer insight, advice, opinions as to each other’s future wished-for endeavours.

These goals or aims or whatever you may wish to call them are as varied as we are different of course. Gino has tried to see if he could extend his stay with us and the van, having always been the one needing to leave earliest among us. After deliberation and correspondence with the appropriate people regarding this extension – namely select persons of his university – it was ultimately decided that, as planned beforehand, he would be unable to stay until the end. Wherefore shall he then be heading? To no other place than the sprawling and limitless country of Brazil for which he has long longed for.

As for I, my mind seems to have slowly settled and embraced the notion that I shall be heading to Manchester, scene of (one of) the biggest scene(s) in music in Europe. The questions which tingle our minds are related to the activities we arae often engaged in here: we entertain/declare/pray/hope/confirm that we shall continue rock-climbing, be it in gym fashion or in outdoor mode. Gino shall continue slacklining, there is no doubt as to that. He harbours plans of highlining extensively. I harbour plans of bi-/tri- weekly trips to climbing gyms. We should also like to surf more. Will all this actually materialise?

The main idea I am getting at here is whether we will ultimately fall back, somewhat unchanged, into the same regular everyday lives we used to lead, into that same routine we always had before this trip. There is little doubt we will have remained unchanged and untouched from whence we first departed for this adventure but will it lead us onto something more serious? More significant? Will it change the course of our lives? Although a more pertinent question might be whether our lives require(d) such a change in course at the onset…

Another quite interesting facet of these conversations we have is that of Yann and Doug’s near-immediate futures. When I also leave to return to the beautiful blandness of routine, whither shall they go and whatever shall they do? Talk has fascinatingly turned from driving all the way BACK to Australia to then take up a working holiday and earn some money back; to continuing all the way to Europe and England to sell the van; to selling the van in India and cycling to Europe. Most compelling it shall be to discover what fate they choose.

And of course, the same questions then apply to them as to where they shall settle down, IF they shall settle down, if so, for how much time; whether they shall look for more audiovisual work, keep climbing/slacking/surfing…
The questions forever linger.

However, what interests me most here though is not the “what” of what we hope we shall be doing, but rather the “why” as to why we spend so much time thinking of what we hope we shall be doing.

It somewhat bugs me that we seem somewhat incapable of focusing on the present beauty of our current situation and instead concentrate hard on a time upon which we have as of yet little control. Are we that disillusioned already? Have we had our fill or share? Many inquisitive questions pertain. As for the answers to them, as to the reason why I have posed such questions, well I deem and rather hope that they are born from the manner in which we were forced to undergo a lengthy part of our journey so far: the part of Indonesia. That is to say we were unprepared, unexpecting of the immensity of the archipelago: we were taken by surprise and with it our time was taken hostage as we raced from point A to point B. As our visa ran out and the distances remained significant, our minds were trained upon the next destination, the next city, the next island, the next sleeping spot, the next beach, the next meal, etc. That’s obviously not to say we were unable to enjoy the many spectacular moments we were privy to. It only means that as soon as they ended, our thoughts were pervaded by the next thing on the agenda.

Towards the end of our stay in Indonesia, we were well aware that a change in country would bring about a more relaxed, a more ‘present’ attitude and atmosphere. And as our discussion this morning around a very pleasant breakfast confirms, we are all well wanting of this slowing-downness which is already taking place as I have actually had time to write this in the morning, a time during which we usually have but a quick breakfast (if any) before rushing off somewhere. There may remain a slight rushness until New Year’s Eve, but then I have no doubt the turn of the year shall bring with it a turn in velocity. Although one eye shall always most assuredly keep a slight look as to where we’re heading, I believe mind, body and soul shall be set upon the here and now.